Why Women Should Gain Muscle

What I have Learned About Building Muscle

I have read countless articles and books about bodybuilding, but usually, these are geared more toward men.

There is very little information on how women can build muscle.

I believe the reason for this is that most women just aren’t interested in building muscle.

Women are generally more interested in weight loss and “toning up.” In fact, many women fear building muscle.

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What many women don’t realize is that by building some muscle, it is easier to maintain a healthy weight.

In addition, the “toned look” that so many women are after is a result of building muscle and this is usually achieved by lifting weights.

By itself, losing weight will not make you look toned. Instead, it will make you what is called “skinny fat.”

Many women fear that they’ll build huge bulky muscles from weight training.

However, women just don’t have the hormones to build a lot of muscle unless they take steroids. You’re not going to build huge muscles without lifting extremely heavy weights and taking steroids.

Building muscle is difficult.

It is more difficult than losing fat and so it would be very hard for a woman to build more muscle that she wants.

Even men have trouble building muscle and so for women, it is even harder.

Some Women Want to be Weak

Did you know that there are actually some women who pride themselves on their weakness because it makes them feel more feminine?

My mother was one of those women. She would go out and take walks, but she would have never lifted weights and she used to say that she liked being so weak because it made her feel more feminine.

Unfortunately, this didn’t work out very well for her as she got older.

Not only did she have no upper body strength, but she also had very poor bone density.

Strong muscles need strong bones to support them. The reverse is also true.

By not working out with weights and remaining weak, many women are going to end up with low bone density and may even end up as a hunched over old women some day.

Now, how attractive is that going to be?

Notice that you see a lot more older women than men with this problem because men usually have much more muscle to begin with.

Benefits of Building Muscle for Women

There are a number of benefits to building muscle for women.

The number one reason is that you’ll finally achieve that “toned” look that everyone is after.

You’ll also be stronger, have more energy, and age much better. After the age of 30 people (men included) start losing a percentage of muscle mass each year. This is known as sarcopenia.

One reason that elderly women fall more often than men is because they are so weak.

Since women typically start out with so much less muscle than men, they end up more weak and frail than elderly men too. Also, strong muscles need strong bones.

If you build up your muscle, your bone density will increase and you’ll be less likely to suffer from osteoporosis as you age.

Muscle is metabolically active – meaning it burns more calories even at rest than fat does. So by building up muscle, you’ll be able to eat more food without gaining weight.

Women young and old can gain muscle

All women are capable of gaining muscle, the hard part is getting started but if you put forth some effort and commitment you can gain muscle. No, you won’t look big and bulky what you will have is a toned and lean body.

If you have ever wondered how fitness models get a rock hard body, it’s not easy, at least at the beginning. As you get used to training with weights, the movements and exercise become easier.

At first, most female fitness models have to train 5-6 days a week, after they have reached their goals they can comfortably maintain a 4-day week training regimen.

That’s how they manage to stay in shape all year round.

The biggest obstacle most women face, myself included is finding the motivation to workout. However, if you can, not only will you look great you will enjoy the many health benefits that weight training has to offer women.


The next time you are thinking about becoming active and want to improve the look and shape of your body, you may want to think about weight training.

There are so many health benefits and remember without your health you have nothing, so try and make exercise your number one priority.

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