Blackwolf Huntress Pack for Women

A Premium Pre-Workout Stack Made Just for Women

Have you ever spent the entire afternoon visiting various supplement stores and occasionally arguing with the kind sellers in search of the all-in-one supplement stack for women?

Only the women who take their workout routines seriously understand how heartbreaking it is to check each and every product on the shelves of well-equipped stores only to realize that nobody has thought of their necessities and developed a supplement specifically for them.

In this article, I will cover everything you should know about the Blackwolf huntress pack for women.

Being able to maximize your workouts with the Blackwolf Huntress Pack and creating an efficiently structured training regime will give you a massive advantage and increase your desire to take control of the vital aspects of your life.

Blackwolf Huntress Pack for Women

Blackwolf Huntress Pack is produced by the company Wolfson Berg Limited is based out of  New York City, the United States. They have carried out years of extensive research to create a product that will increase your performance, build lean muscle mass and improve your endurance before, during and after your workouts.

Instead of producing one single product, a whole new workout supplement pack for women has seen the light of day. Therefore, there are three different supplements that represent a stunning combination if used together:

  • TRAIL (Pre-Workout Supplement)
  • HUNT (Intra-Workout Supplement)
  • ELIMINATE (Post-Workout Supplement)

Each supplement is made to help you through every step of your training.

Most pre-workouts just get you ready for your training.

The Blackwolf huntress pack for women provides you with a lot more.

The Hunt Intra-workout supplement continues to fuel your body while you train.

The Eliminate Post-Workout supplement restores all the nutrients your body has depleted while restoring your body’s glycogen levels back to normal.

Blackwolf  TRAIL

Blackwolf TRAIL is a pre-workout supplement that’s the main purpose is to enhance your energy levels and sharpen your focus in order to prepare you both mentally and physically for your workouts before you even enter the gym.

No matter how tired and exhausted you are, the overall effect will be so strong that you will start working out with a belief that nothing can prevent you from pushing your limits.

It also has antioxidant properties to eliminate free radicals – note that there are some scientific theories which state that organisms age due to the cells gradually accumulating free radical damage. Blackwolf Trail helps eliminate bad free radicals from your body.

Blackwolf trail for women

Blackwolf TRAIL pre-workout supplement contains over 20 ingredients, some of which are: L-Leucine, Isoleucine, Taurine, L-Valine, Creatine Monohydrate, Coenzyme Q10, Zinc Citrate Powder, Green Tea Leaves Extract, Whey Protein Isolate 90%, Vitamin C Powder, etc.

Blackwolf  HUNT

HUNT is the second product from the Blackwolf Huntress Pack for women and it aims to reduce fatigue during long workouts and to enhance your performance. Given that it is an intra-workout supplement, it probably is the most important out of the three.

Blackwolf hunt for women

The list of ingredients of Blackwolf HUNT has a lot in common with that of the previous product, with some noticeable differences to help optimize the product for the usage during your workouts.

BCAAs, minerals, vitamins and amino acids were added to the composition to make the Blackwolf HUNT supplement an irreplaceable part of your training regime.

As a result, you become unstoppable throughout your workouts and improve your stamina and strength.

Being one of the ingredients, creatine monohydrate increases your performance during high-intensity exercises. L-Taurine, an ingredient commonly found in energy drinks, plays an important role in boosting your endurance to help you prolong your workouts without having to compromise in terms of the length and difficulty of the exercises.

Blackwolf  ELIMINATE

The moment you have successfully drained the last bit of energy out of your body and are patiently waiting to take a seat in the overcrowded gym, you should take a supplement that will help the muscles recover and regain the lost energy as quickly as possible.

Even though it is very likely that you may not feel like you need any substances to maintain a solid physical shape, you will experience a slight loss of concentration and energy, along with severe muscle pain, after just a couple of consecutive workouts.

Blackwolf eliminate for women

Blackwolf ELIMINATE is a post-workout supplement that was developed with the intention to help you recover in no time. Thereby, you are able to get started with your workouts without having to think whether your muscles will tear or not.

Timely recovery allows for a quicker muscle growth and a more significant muscle development.

You can get the main idea of how the Blackwolf ELIMINATE supplement works by taking a quick look at some of the ingredients:

  • Whey Protein Isolate – Encourages muscle repair and growth.
  • Vitamins and Minerals (Vitamins C, B5, B6, Magnesium Phosphate, etc.) – Vitamin C protects lipids and proteins from oxidative damage, stabilizes the functions of the immune system, and eliminates any muscle fatigue after extensive workouts.
  • CAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids): Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine.

The Price Factor

Given the one-of-a-kind formula of the Blackwolf Huntress Pack, it may make sense to expect the price to be astronomic.However the Huntress pack is affordable and considering you are getting a premium product it is worth it.

Blackwolf Huntress Pack’s os affordably priced at $82.95.97, which translates to approximately $26.75 for each of the supplements. It is also worth noting that one pack weighs 450 grams, which is not too bad deal.

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When you buy the complete stack BlackWolf includes 5 essential guides designed to help make your fitness goals a success.

They also include a free Blackwolf smart shaker with every order making it easy and convenient to mix your product on the go or at the gym.

Blackwolf smart shake

Why Blackwolf is better

What makes Blackwolf superior to other pre-workout supplements?  Blackwolf provides women with a unique all in one formula that takes out all of the guesswork when looking for a pre-workout supplement.

Most pre-workouts are full of stimulants to give you a short burst of energy. Blackwolf provides you with energy, helps burn fat and gives your body added nutrients you need for fast muscle recovery.

What we love about Blackwolf workout

  • Vegetarian safe
  • Contains no harsh stimulants that make you feel nervous or jittery
  • Contains all natural sweeteners (NO ARTIFICAL SWEETENERS)
  • No fillers or hidden proprietary belnd ingredients
  • Affordable price giving you great value for your money
  • Special ingredeints formula made just for women

The Final Verdict

It is quite refreshing to see a supplement that was developed purely for women. Now they will certainly know to appreciate the chance that was given to them and show off their capabilities and achievements in the gym.

Taking all the factors into account, Blackwolf Huntress is an all-in-one supplement pack that will boost your energy levels and endurance, provide you with the necessary substances and help your muscles recover before you hit the gym again.

The scientifically designed formula that offers fast results (2-3 weeks) and 100% active ingredients do seem to be the key selling points and features, which make the product worth buying.

Where to buy

The Blackwolf huntress pack for women can only be purchased from the official website, this guarantees that you receive a genuine product. Blackwolf offers free worldwide shipping to over 100 countries.

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