Best Exercises for a Bigger and Rounder Butt

5 of the best exercises for a bigger and rounder butt

Sometimes your best friends can be your worst enemy. If they have a great body, some of them will brag about the tough exercises they do every day in order to tighten up their butts and become more competitive compared to their idols from the magazines, you have to ask yourself where the final results are.

It’s not like you are meeting super-sexy girls behind every corner and instinctively turning around to admire their beauty, which is why something doesn’t make sense here. In this article we will show you the best exercises for a bigger rounder butt.

Girl in Bikini with nice round butt

Chances are you belong to the group of people who have decided to do aerobics a while ago, but an unexpected event ruined everything and left you complaining how life was unfair. If that’s not the case, getting a bigger and rounder butt can still be a step forward for you.

We are all witnesses of the immense popularity of the rather incomprehensible plastic surgeries that allow you to create a false image of yourself. Even though many approve of them and are even thinking to undergo a surgery themselves, you are in a much higher league than them and you know how to appreciate a naturally shaped body.

Best Exercises for a Bigger and Rounder Butt

Each and every exercise listed below aims at strengthening a specific muscle group and should not be skipped. It is recommended to combine some of these exercises and thus create a workout routine you will be proud of. By doing so, you will get the best results and be able to make a solid improvement in just a couple of weeks.

Do not forget that consistency is the key – every time you’re too lazy to get out of your bed, you make a small step backward and sort of ruin everything you’ve been working on recently. The feeling of satisfaction comes from the achievement of your goals.


Squats will be your best friend throughout the next couple of months (or as long as you plan to do these exercises). Your main focus should be on doing them properly rather than doing lots of repetitions. Adding some resistance is recommended only if you feel very comfortable with the additional weight. Otherwise, you might want to consider using the bar alone.
Since the target area is the muscle gluteus maximus, also known as the gluteal muscle, you need to do squats with a straight back and bend your knees as much as possible to maximize the overall effect.

Woman performing squats with barbell

Romanian Deadlifts

This exercise targets your butt, lower back, and hamstrings, but you’ll certainly be able to feel its effects once you start working out.

1. Starting from the standing position with the bar in your hands, bend your knees until the weights are the same height as your shins.
2. Slowly rise up and reach the standing position.
Seeking advice from an experienced friend can help you make remarkable progress much faster and reduce the chance of getting hurt.

Jump Squats

Kids have a huge advantage when it comes to doing jump squats due to their ability to enjoy the moment. Feel free to pick up a couple of tips from the kids in the park and implement them in your workout.

1. Starting from the squat position, make a big leap with your hands reaching for the sky and extend the entire body.

2. Try your best to get back to the starting position after every jump. You can also opt for a higher or lower jump if you don’t feel like behaving as a kangaroo.

Jump squats are not quite a demanding exercise and are not comparable to any of the previous two, but they can certainly burn some excess fat and make your training more enjoyable and fulfilling at the same time.

Stepping Lunges

Stepping lunges are an excellent exercising for increasing the glutes, hamstrings and quads. Take one dumbbell in each hand and take the standing position. Make a medium-sized step forward with one leg whilst keeping the other one on the floor and bend until the knee touches the ground. Hold for 15-30 seconds and return to the standing position. Switch the legs and continue doing repetitions.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Ideally, in order to do this exercise the right way, you need to stand in front of a bench lunge-length.

1. Put your left foot on the bench behind you.
2. Lower down your body until the knee of the resting leg almost touches the ground. Make sure to keep the front leg’s knee and ankle so that the shin is in the vertical position.
3. Rise up whilst keeping your back completely straight.

You can also use dumbbells if you’re in for a more serious challenge.

A Few Random Words

Something you probably don’t want to hear at this point is that not everything will go as you planned. Being consistent with your workout routine and eating healthy food does matter, but that’s just a part of the bigger puzzle. Since you can’t affect genetics or ‘control’ the genetic material you inherited, you might realize that the effort you’re putting into living a certain way isn’t paying out and that the muscles aren’t getting any tighter in the area you want.

On the other side, doing some exercises will be quite beneficial and your body will slowly get used to working out a bit more intensely and hopefully, your butt will make serious progress as well.


If you are not already on your way to the local gym, what are you waiting for? Going away from the TV and leaving your cell phone at home will help you focus on what really matters. The gym will contribute to the overall feeling of seriousness and force you to give 100% all the time.

Once you get to the stage where you’ll finally be able to proudly speak of yourself and your look (your butt in particular), remember to appreciate what you’ve got and never forget what you’ve gone through – all those hours spent sweating could have been invested in watching your favorite TV show instead.

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