Female muscle secrets – Learn the secrets of female fitness models and bodybuilders.

Ever wonder how fitness models and female bodybuilders are able to look like they do?  Transforming your body is easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. Ask any female fitness model or bodybuilder, how did you get that body?  Most will tell you it that it’s all about long days in the gym and a good diet..

Diet and exercise are important, but there are other things fitness models do to maintain a sexy looking body. Unfortunately, most of them will never share their secret. If you want to get into shape, below are some suggestions to help you transform your body.


A proper diet is important for maintaining a healthy and great looking body. Most of us hate the term diet. When we think of dieting, we think of food restrictions.  Yes,  if you eat nothing but fast food, changing your eating habits might seem a bit drastic at first. Often times,  simple changes to your diet are all that is needed to help you lose weight and transform your body.

Eating clean does not have to be difficult, you can still eat many of the things you love you just have to make some subtle changes.  A good example is a chicken sandwich.

You can go out and buy a fast food chicken sandwich from KFC which is fried, or you can buy fresh chicken breast and season it with salt and pepper and sautee it in olive oil. Add some whole wheat bread, top it with some fresh tomato and lettuce and you have a healthy alternative.

Dieting  (eating clean) is nothing more than making some smart food choices and changing the way you prepare your meals.


Regardless of what you want to look like, exercise is important. Modern society has become so sedentary it is killing us! Even if you don’t want to have a fitness model body,  exercise is still important, it can reduce symptoms of depression, improve cardiovascular health, and prevent many kinds of illness.  Exercise does not have to be strenuous, a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day  4-5 days a week can drastically improve the way you look and feel.

If you want to take your body to the next level and go from skinny to toned and lean, the best way to do this is by lifting weights.

Strength Training

Lifting weights are one of the best things women can do to transform their body.  A lot of women believe that if they lift weights they will get big and bulky. This is not true! Women do not have the levels of testosterone that men do, this makes it physiologically impossible for women to increase muscle mass like men.

Weight lifting can help women achieve toned and lean muscle.  One of the best ways women can burn fat is by lifting weights. The benefit of having more muscle than fat helps stimulate your body into burning more fat, even when resting. Lifting weights can transform a woman from skinny fat to lean and sexy.

Taking the right supplements

One of the biggest kept secrets many fitness models will not tell anyone is how they get so lean and sexy. Diet and exercise do play an important role, most fitness models and bodybuilders take a variety of sports supplements. Taking the right supplements can help burn fat, increase energy, and help you lose weight. The end result is a ripped and sculpted body.

You can’t expect to train hard every day with high intensity without getting tired. In order to maintain energy and strength,  supplements are a must have. Fat burners can help burn fat and give you more energy for intense cardio sessions. Vitamin and sports supplements ensure your muscles are getting the right nutrients your body needs to help maintain normal energy and stamina levels.

Some of the suggestions above are ways any woman can begin to change the way they look and transform their body into something strong and sexy. If you want to look great and achieve a fitness model body it is important hat you set long term goals, stay consistent with dieting and training and you will succeed.

The goal of the Female Muscle Secrets blog is to show women all the different options available to them to help get you in the best shape of your life regardless of your age.

On our blog, you will find many other fitness suggestions, diet tips, and supplement reviews to help you transform your body.  Exercise and diet will not only change the way you look on the outside, it will also make you feel strong and vibrant on the inside.